Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Post  Stephen_Wilkie on Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:19 am


I thought it was time to give you an up-date of how the planning is going for the big day in April. Both Ann and myself have been amazed by the commitment and dedication that every single one of our Golden Bond runners has shown to our plans for the FLM 2009. As you might know, we have put quite a few new plans in place to help ensure the maximum success and enjoyment for everyone involved - and of course, too make as much money for Samaritans as possible - and so far it's going really well. Of the 40 official places we have allocated there are only a few more runners who still need to open a Justgiving account and encourage their family and friends to give generously as a show of support for all those early morning and late night training sessions you're all currently enjoying! Justgiving donations so far total almost £6000 which is brilliant. We also have about 20 ballot runners who have joined the team and we're on our way to the target of 100 branded runners in Samaritans Team 2009 - so if you know someone running with out a charity to support - you know what to do!

A couple of people have had to give up their place in the team this year for different reasons and have been replaced by even more determined runners. At this stage we are currently working on a pack to be sent out to all the team with a number of different details which need to be covered off. We are also trying hard to arrange a "Meet and Greet" event based on the success of our Launch Event which we held in London just before Christmas. We had hoped that the 24th of January would be the date, but this may need to change to Saturday 31st - watch this space.

I have one other piece of information for you - one of the team running for Samaritans is a long-term supporter of Samaritans, is the President of our Lowestoft Branch and just so happens to be the jewelry expert on "The Antiques Roadshow". Geoffrey Munn is the managing director of the long-established London jewelers Wartski, and has a particular interest in 19th-century jewelry and metalwork. He organizes many specialist exhibitions, including a recent one on Tiaras. He is also a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and has written four books about jewelers and jewelry. Most importantly, he is very keen to publicise details about "Team 2009" and has already started to use his considerable amount of contacts in order to promote all the work being done by you to ensure we meet our £100,000 sponsorship target. Geoffrey really is keen to be part of the team and meet as many of you as possible before the event - he has already been in touch with a number of his celebrity friends and has already had a pledge of a very sizeable amount. He has been thinking about doing a marathon for years and has been preparing (training and losing a bit of weight) for the last ten months since he contacted me about the possibility of running for Samaritans. I will let you know what press and media coverage we are able to gain through his contacts and if this can be used by each of the team at a local level - especially using the regional BBC networks.

I think that's all for now, look out for the information packs coming your way soon and please get back to us with the various details we need from you.

Happy training,


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