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Final Info

Post  Lucia on Fri Apr 24, 2009 7:52 am

Dear all,

I have just two final bits of info to give you.

1) One of our lovely runners Jon Simmonds has had a very kind offer from a friend of his to video as much of the race as possible for us and include other bits of information. Please see his email below and if you would like to contribute to it please do so.

Firstly, Matt has himself plus a couple of others filming. If anyone else has family or friends filming it, he has asked whether they could send him their footage to, as it’s going to be difficult to get everyone on the film – he could then paste the footage into the film. He is meeting us at 8.30am for the photo shoot and will begin filming then.
He has loads of ideas to add to the film with captions and titles on, including some Samaritans information as well. Also, Matt wants to put down some stats about the runners as well – e.g. something like “The team includes 7 plumbers, 3 teachers etc etc”. Basically, any information is probably worthwhile!

If anyone does not wish to be filmed, please let Stephen know when we meet at Greenwich Park on Sunday morning.

2) The Events Phone number, Stephen will have this phone on him all weekend and if you need to contact him or in case of emergency it is a good idea for you to have. The number is : 07810 670999

That’s it from me now, I've sent an email out to everyone as well. I wish you all a very safe journey those that are travelling down to London and I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning.

Take care

Lucia Smile

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