Samaritans Run the World in 2009

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Samaritans Run the World in 2009

Post  Lucia on Fri May 08, 2009 8:59 am

Hi guys,

I know we all keep saying it but again


Just a quick message from Ann, Stephen and myself to you all with regards to the video that Jon's friend is very kindly making for us!

Don’t forget, that the “Samaritans Run the World in 2009” film is coming soon. In order to get as many runners profiled in the film as possible, please could you send any film footage or still photographs of you from the day to, in order to be added to the film. Any additional info would be useful as well – name, age, occupation, amount of money raised, finish time etc.

Once the film is complete, we will arrange for the DVD to be sent to anyone who requests it, with payment to be probably via a Paypal account.

I hope that you're all recovering ok, I'm aware that plans are afoot to have a reunion, I'm not allowed to know officially but if I were a gambling person I would keep the second Thursday in June as free as possible in my diary.

Take care and see you soon

Lucia Very Happy

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